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Red light therapy had been used for years in many European countries before NASA got their hands on the technology. Since then, the US military, veterinarians, and even professional athletes have started using it for a variety of medical issues. More recently, red light therapy has become popular for cosmetic use. It helps firm your skin, reducing wrinkles and fine lines and evens out your skin tone. It can take care of those unsightly blemishes, like acne, scars, and stretch marks. Red light is also used to increase your circulation, restore your cellular activity in your skin, and can even help with joint pain.

If you’re interested in trying out red light therapy, you may be wondering just how to go about it. Aside from what it can do, one of the first questions many people have is about preparation for this type of treatment. Luckily, it isn’t as involved as you may think.

Get Your Skin Ready

When you’ve decided to start doing some red light therapy sessions, you don’t need to worry about any advanced prep work added to your normal routine. Cleansing and exfoliating are the most important details, clearing away any dead skin cells, oil, dirt, or anything else clogging your pores. This takes away any barriers between the light and your skin, so the light can penetrate deeper. Start exfoliating on a weekly basis and on the day of your treatment.

The Day of Your Treatment

Your skin needs to be at its purest state for the red light to be able to penetrate it properly. As well as the exfoliation part of the preparation, you should also make sure your skin is free of any other products. This includes makeup, lotions, perfumes, or anything else you normally use as part of your daily routine since these can reduce the red light’s effectiveness. Other products, like AHAs or retinol, react badly with the light, causing irritation. Even if these are prescribed to you, don’t apply them until after your therapy session is over. The same goes for all of your other products. There is an exception to this rule, though. There are sprays or serums designed to be used with red light therapy to increase the healing benefits. If you’re not sure which ones are right for you, the professionals at the salon can help.

There isn`t really any protective gear needed, either, unless you`re using the red light therapy on your face. The light can be damaging to your eyes if you are looking directly at it, so keep them closed. You may also want to consider some goggles as well for face sessions, just to be extra careful.

After Your Session

One of the best things about red light therapy is that it isn`t invasive or harmful in any way. This means there is absolutely no recovery time when your session is done. There are some red light therapy creams or other after-care products available if you want them, or you can just go back to your normal skincare essentials.


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